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Emergency Preparedness

While site-visits and consultation are necessary for the development of site-specific and product specific training programs, many organizations require more thorough assessments of potential environmental risks and hazards. SMI ’s Environmental Preparedness Assessments are documented evaluations of a facility, products in use, existing response capability and environmental issues. Key workers are invited to have a “hands-on” role by joining the assessors during a survey of a facility. These personnel exchange information and suggestions and gain a fuller understanding of the assessment. Such an assessment permits a company to develop training and educational plans as well as corrective and preventive actions that may be required. It may also identify gaps in environmental preparedness.

Emergency Response Training

SMI response training programs address the diversity of conditions, risks and hazards that exist from the moment a spill occurs until the product is cleaned up and removed for final disposition. Programs also consider corporate policies , regulatory demands, industrial standards and the knowledge and exper ience of the personnel being trained. The result is common sense , “hands-on” training that uses both workshops and realistic exercises to develop the awareness, confidence and capability of the people who will be on the scene – employees, first responders, support teams and specialized resource personnel. Through pre-training assessments and site visits, courses are tailored to the client’s operations. They can address a variety of situations from small laboratory type spills to large volume discharges of up to 5,000 litres per minute. The courses also reflect the reality that personnel who understand the risks and hazards of the chemicals in their workplace may respond more effectively than outside agencies. The programs stress the importance of working safely around chemicals in both routine and emergency situations to address occupational health and safety needs.

Mitigation Evaluations

SMI provides expert reviews of spill incidents, including response, mitigation and cleanup. These reviews examine whether all reasonable actions were taken and whether the actions were environmentally sound and cost-effective. Preventive and corrective actions may also be recommended.


Communication Planning

Communication with internal and external audiences is vital during an emergency. The public will want information; the media will demand it. SMI’s hands-on interactive communications planning involves personnel in identifying the issues and audiences they may face during an environmental event. The importance of planning for communications before there is an incident is stressed, along with the development of strong corporate messages for employees, the public, interest groups, regulatory agencies, clients and suppliers. Participants are given insights on dealing with reporters to help keep an environmental incident from becoming a corporate crisis.


Chemical Specific Training

SMI provides chemical specific hands-on training at your location in actual condition so you are always ready for chemical hazards.
Hands on training includes following topics

  • Spill Control, Countermeasure, Recovery
  • Response Objectives & Methodology
  • Control and Recovery on land, in sewers and open ditches, ponds, swamp areas.
  • Skills to protect shoreline
  • Select appropriate response supplies
  • Cost and Waste Reduction
  • Separate waste or contamination
  • Recovery techniques
  • Waste treatment on site
  • Operating techniques taught with modular equipment on site; (Equipment can qualify as part of CERTIFICATES OF APPROVAL (C of A) systems for environmental remediation.
  • Waste reduction at the scene
  • Control Small and Large Volume spills.

Location-Specific Services

SMI provides specialized site specific training which inclused customized resposne and site management plan in case of spill

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