Environmental Management Services

Emergency preparedness and response training for hazardous materials, environmental preparedness assessments, emergency response plans that include internal / external communication planning.

Emergency Preparedness

SMI ’s Environmental Preparedness Assessments are documented evaluations of a facility, products in use, existing response capability and environmental issues.

Emergency Response Training

SMI response training programs address the diversity of conditions, risks and hazards that exist from the moment a spill occurs until the product is cleaned up and removed for final disposition

Mitigation Evaluations

SMI provides expert reviews of spill incidents, including response, mitigation and cleanup.

Communication Planning

Communication with internal and external audiences is vital during an emergency. The public will want information; the media will demand it.

Chemical Specific Training

SMI provides chemical specific hands-on training at your location in actual condition so you are always ready for chemical hazards

Location-Specific Services

SMI provides specialized site specific training which inclused customized resposne and site management plan in case of spill


Robust Framework

We follow industry leading most efficient incident command framework to mitigate hazardous material incident 


Standards Are Our Forte

We strictly follow ISO 14001 (4.4.7)
for Emergency Preparedness and
Response as well as Environment
Canada’s CEPA 1999 E2 and P2


High Quality Training

Our company offers seminars and workshops on emergency response planning and training and communications. These focus on showing participants what they “need to know” for effective environmental management.

We help you to acheive continuous improvement

All services incorporate the ISO 14001 Standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Although the standard was published in 1996, Spill Management Inc. has followed a parallel approach since 1989 with programs that address the environmental aspects of a clients hazmat activities, products and services and their real and potential impacts.

Programs are developed only after site visits and consultation to meet clients’ site-specific needs and priorities, resources and in-house capabilities. Spill Management clients include light and heavy industry, fire departments, government agencies, transportation firms, institutions, chemical companies and the military.

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All services incorporate the ISO 14001 Standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

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